Workouts for Nerds

There is an ever persistent, and unfortunately somewhat true, stereotype that the majority of the nerd community is overweight. However, there is a new and growing trend to craft work outs that are nerd friendly – in a community that lacks judgement on physical appearance from the get go.

Nerd Fitness, founded by Steven Lamb, is a online community that uses videos, “leveling up points”, Google Chat, dietary menus and more to empower people to get in shape and be healthy. It’s a cool program and the administrators who offer advice are very knowledgeable and kind. Even better, you get access to the community for just a single one-time payment, unlike the majority of fitness services that require a subscription membership.

Wall Street Journal recently posted an article featuring another Nerd Fitness buff, Jason Heilpern, who is looking at opening Geek and Gamer gyms in both Portland and Seattle in the coming year. There are nerdy gyms popping up all over the West Coast.

It makes sense that nerds are seeking places to work out and get healthy that are separate from regular gyms. Many nerds have experienced gym-related traumas in school and that can result in residual issues/confidence issues. Having a supportive community is a great way to motivate someone to seek better health!

- E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – DBZ Family Fun

This week’s featured cosplay is Thomas Jefferson Hernandez‘s Goku (and family!) cosplay.

The thing I like best about these cosplay scenarios, is that the whole family is included in the fun. The varying ages don’t matter in this scenario – all that matters is everyone brings attitude and costume to match. I’m all about this – in a hobby where people can get extremely hardcore about having to match every specification of a character’s appearance, it’s nice and refreshing to see quality cosplay that still looks like fun!

- E.B.

Disturbing Information About Books…

I have loved to read since I was a very small child. My parents read to me until I outgrew their pace, voraciously devouring stories so fast they couldn’t keep up. As such, I have also been a lover of books. Even in my tiny single bedroom apartment, I have books in every room and on every possible surface. I can hardly imagine going a week without opening (or at least listening to) a good book.

So image my horror when I saw this info-graphic floating around the internet:

And if you think that’s bad, here’s another (it’s now outdated, but the fact it was true only years ago is terrifying!):

So today’s feature is this nerd’s desperate plea for people to read more books! It doesn’t matter if it’s a 200 page romance novel, an 1800 page fantasy epic, or anything in between. Reading is one of the few ways a person can be transformed. It is the best way to educate yourself with what truly interests you!


Ahem, that’s my public service announcement for the day.

- E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – The Cosplay Friendly Batgirl

This week’s featured cosplay article is a little different. I wanted to take a moment to talk about an interesting occurrence in the world where comic design and fandom meet. Several months ago, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher were announced as the new creative team for DC Comic’s Batgirl.

Shortly thereafter, the new Batgirl redesign was released on the internet. You can take a look:

This redesign is reminds me of the imagining of Wonder Woman’s iconic look from a while back. As the comics industry expands it reach across pop culture, there has been a trend to make super heros’ costumes more relevant to a contemporary audience. The re-vamped Batgirl is in a leather jacket, with snap on gloves and yellow Doc Martens – all things you could conceivably buy at a mall.

This trend is GREAT news for cosplayers everywhere – gone are the days of having to sew spandex and go commando for the sake of the cosplay. As Nerd Minds Magazine so eloquently points out, this new Batgirl design is ideal for cosplayers:

Already, people have been seen in the new Batgirl duds – like the internet famous Batgirl of Burnside:

I doubt creative teams are going to design their caped crusaders’ costumes specifically with cosplay in mind… but the popularity of these “modern” takes will certainly provide more opportunity for all the wannabe heroes out there.

- E.B.