NerdAtlas Discontinued (For Now)

Well my lovely readers!

It’s been a fun 3 years, but I am retiring NerdAtlas for the time being. This was a blog primarily built on the idea of having fun, but due to some extenuating circumstances I have decided to shut it down.

That being said, my Tumblr followers should keep an eye out for a new fun project I’m getting involved with on Tumblr.

Thanks for reading.

– E.B.


NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Last Minute Finds

So, it’s happened to you. Christmas is next week and you have yet to do any of your Christmas shopping. Well, thanks to a little thing called Amazon, here’s a list of nerdy items that will arrive at your door in time for the holidays!

For The Gamer Nerd: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

This is the perfect mouse for any serious PC gamer. It’s fully customizable and fairly affordable!


For The Internet Junkie: Grumpy Cat Plush

Everyone’s favorite meme cat, to have and to hold and to scare you late at night.


For The Otaku: A Geek in Japan

Hector Garcia’s book is perfect for Japanophiles of any type – covering everything from the nation’s popular culture to tradition and history. A great pick for any otaku.


For The Creative Nerd: Ball of Whacks

This “ball” is comprised of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks. This quirky toy comes in several different designs and is perfect for fiddling with at the office or in class.


For the Cold Nerd: “Grown Up” Snuggies

From Harry Potter house robes to Batman, Amazon offers a long list of adult sized snuggies for nerds of any type. Not only are they comfortable, but they are sure to guarantee a good laugh.

$20.00 – $30.00

Good luck out there!

– E.B.

Featured Ar(tist): Aurora Wienhold

This week’s featured art(ist) is Aurora Wienhold.

Based out of Germany, Wienhold gets a lot of attention for her tutorials, speed drawings and portraiture work. It’s really impressive to watch the process of creating the artwork through the animated gifs and videos she posts. Here are a few examples:

Toothless by AuroraWienhold

Her mediums are varied, from pencils to digital painting, ink to watercolor, this woman does it all. She’s only been working as a freelancer since 2011, so her skill is impressive. Not only is she a talented artist but her materials are a great resource for aspiring creators of all kinds.

– E.B.

Board Game Review: Sheriff of Nottingham

This week’s featured review is all about Sheriff of Nottingham, a great board game released in 2014.

Described by the makers as “a social game of bluffing, bribery and negotiation” – I can attest to the fact this game requires you to lie, often. The results are often hysterical, especially when playing with the table rule of mandatory British cockney accents.

The game play is pretty straight forward. Each player is trying to transport their goods through Sherwood forest to market. Each round, a different player in the group acts as the Sheriff, whose job it is to inspect the goods being transported. You receive goods by drawing them from either the stack o’ goods or from the discard pile. Then, each round, you place goods in a small felt pouch and toss it in the center, declaring what you’re transporting across the border.

The deception comes in the fact players can only transport one type of good at a time. If the Sheriff decides to open and inspect your pouch, and you lied about its contents, you pay penalty fees. If you were honest, the Sheriff pays you a penalty fee. For example, if you decide to transport three cheese cards across the border, you would say “Three cheese.” If the Sheriff inspects your goods and finds the three cheese, he pays you a penalty per cheese. However, if you say “Three cheese” and really put two cheese and an apple card, you would pay the Sheriff a fee for the apples.

The game also has contraband cards, which are ALWAYS illegal to declare/transport. They have higher fines if caught, but they are worth the most gold.

You can bribe the Sheriff with gold, goods you’ve already transported to market, in-game favors or what may be in the pouch. If you make a promise that can be immediately resolved (ex: giving the Sheriff three gold and two wheels of cheese you sold at market) you must follow through. If you promise something in the future (ex: they get a specific type of good that may/may not be in the pouch or you won’t inspect them when you’re Sheriff) you are not required to honor the deal.

After every player has acted as Sheriff twice, the game is over. There are bonus gold rewards for transporting the most chickens, bread, apples and cheese across the board. Count up your total wealth between your gold and any goods successfully sold at market, including contraband – richest player wins.

The wheeling and dealing is dynamic fun, and the game play is fast. The moment that the Sheriff is holding a mystery bundle, evaluating whether or not to inspect the goods is fraught with tension. I love this game and if you’ve got a particularly good humored play group, it’s screamingly funny.

Maybe not the best game for some gamers who take a very long time to make the most analytical decisions possible… but for someone who loves to have a raucous time with friends? PERFECT.

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – Oberyn Martell

This week’s featured cosplay is Amir (aka Mr. Blueberry) as Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones.

Oberyn Martell by Mr--Blueberry

Oberyn is one of my favorite characters in the Game of Thrones series. A serious womanizer (well, realistically, a everyone-izer) and deft combatant, there’s a fierceness to the man known as “The Red Viper.” In the television show, Oberyn’s clothing is very different from the majority of the others at King’s Landing. Amir did a great job capturing this character’s flair in his cosplay design.

Also, let’s talk about that spear. Dang, that weapon is gorgeous. It looks just like the television show’s design and Amir wields it like a total boss.

Another quality find from the Game of Thrones universe. Seriously, this fandom has some of the BEST cosplayers.

– E.B.