Teaser Thursday Posts: Kairosoft – Mobile Gaming Gurus

Every Thursday between now & launch there will be some fresh content posted to give a taste of what’s to come when the blog goes officially live on July 27th!

So for today’s teaser post:

Kairosoft – Mobile Gaming Gurus

I am a complete iPhone addict. I pull out my beloved ‘old school’ 3GS every time I stand in a line. In the last year or so, there has been one particular game company that has occupied many hours of my line-waiting: Kairosoft. They’ve published 9 games for iPhone (with several also available for Android) including:

  • Game Dev Story
  • Venture Towns
  • Pocket Academy
  • Epic Astro Story
  • And their newest release, and my personal favorite: Dungeon Village (Here’s the IGN review)
Their game “niche” would fall under simulation. The premise of each game is to take your company/school/mall/etc. and make it the best possible. A simple concept in many ways; meet target goals, upgrade facilities and buy powerups. Kariosoft does NOT  follow the Farmville gospel: slap a new skin on the exact same game and repackage it as a ‘new experience’. Each game Kairosoft has released has it’s own identity, with familiar mechanics featuring their own little quirks. Each game features it’s own monetary system, upgrade style and overall objectives. Dungeon Village even has real time combat and quests! I won’t denying that Kairosoft operates off of a formula, but the games are not exact carbon copies, and I respect that.


I also get a good laugh or two out of Kairosoft game localization. The English translations of their games are filled with name puns and pop culture references. Names like Dragtoise & Donny Jepp  make me smile with their silliness. While I wouldn’t hail Kairosoft as an innovative company, they continue to turn out enjoyable mobile gaming material every couple of months.
      • Have any of you played a Kairosoft game? If so, what did you think of your experience?
      • Is there another mobile game company that’s better?
–  E. B.

Comment on this blog post or tweet me @NerdAtlasBlog and enter to win a free code for Dungeon Village (iOS)!


3 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday Posts: Kairosoft – Mobile Gaming Gurus

  1. Kairosoft is a great game company, but they need to be careful that their formula for their games doesn’t get stale. But I sure would like to play Dungeon Village though. It’s a new and creative take on the whole simulation formula.

    • I also tweeted this too you but I agree with your analysis. Kairosoft should be careful not to get too stale, but different tweaks & innovations across games will hopefully keep that from happening.

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