BronyCon ’12 Breakdown (& Contest!)

BronyCon 2012 was an event to remember if you, like myself, have a love for all things pony!

Here’s an overview of what went down over the two days of Pony Madness in New Jersey:

Vendors & Swag: I was amazed by two things with the vendors: the number of MLP-centric artists there were, as well as how quickly they sold out! Within the first three hours of Con, many vendors were completely sold out of their stock! The WeLoveFine table, one of the largest vendors there, literally sold out of EVERYTHING by the end of day one.

Some of my favorite vendors you should check out if you missed out on the sweet sweet swag action:

  • Tsitra360: This booth had some of the best prints available at the Con, and their Flame Within shirt was a staple around the center.
  • NerdyMind: They sell commissioned beanie plushies, which sold like hot cakes! Relatively affordable and oh-so-snuggly. I got there too late to buy a Spitfire one sadly enough 😦
  • Darkly Cute Customs: Her custom ponies were the most affordable & they are brushies 😀 I bought this awesome Spitfire miniature at the Con after deciding her customs were the best quality for the price.

Auction: The Brony auction was an amazing experience – and raised well over $1000 dollars for Child’s Play. One of the highest selling items? Rarity plushie going for over $650.

Cosplay: There is always cosplay at Cons. Most was average but there were some REAL standouts that were featured in the competition (Vinyl Scratch, Braeburn and Mr. & Mrs. Cake were fantastic). However, my personal favorite was Granny Smith:

Panels: The voice actor feature panels were incredibly interesting. Hearing from Cathy Westlock (Spike), Nicole Oliver (Celestia) and others about the voice acting industry was super cool. Peter New (Mac) and Lee Tockar (Steven Magnet) walked around and talked to people at the Con all the time – total bros.

The panels with Lauren Faust and John de Lancie were excellent. John did a full hour of Q & A, concluding with the Bronies assembled serenading him with the MLP theme. Lauren was moved to tears when the Con presented her with a framed & mounted version of this:

Games: PonyKart appeared, and despite their demo not working, their Q&A helped answer some questions about the project. It was confirmed that it, as of right now, it will only be a kart racer (no Diddy Kong Racing crap) and that stats change from pony to pony.

For me however, MLP Online was the major highlight! They did a live single player demo & I was very very very interested. The combat is turn based & the skill tree looked very intuitive. According to the panel, the game beta will be released shortly post-Con. Also, it’s a multiplatform game so Linux, Mac and Windows users will have access to the game. GAMES FOR ALL THE PONIES!

Fire: At one point on Sunday, there was a small electrical fire. We evacuated & no one died. We blame the Fire Nation.

Pony Anthology: This 82-minute celebration of Pony was one of the major highlights. Mane Hall was packed and it was great to share in the abundance of laughter and cheering as we all watched Pony Anthology II:

Premiere of CCG: As a CCG/TCG girl, I was excited to hear that there was a collectable CCG officially pre-released at Brony Con! I got very very lucky and I ended up with a Gold Edition Celestia, which I had Nicole Oliver sign. I’ve been a fan of hers since she voiced Risty in X-Men: Evolution & Mezon Ikkoku:

which leads me to my


I have 2 booster packs & a limited edition Rarity BronyCon promo-card up for grabs! Follow me on Twitter (@NerdAtlasBlog) and/or here. Then tell me via direct tweet @NerdAtlasBlog or Comment on this post. I’ll enter your name to win 🙂

Congratulations to DCJoeDog – winner of the contest!

– E.B.


4 thoughts on “BronyCon ’12 Breakdown (& Contest!)

  1. Just a quick FYI, no one can PM you via Twitter unless you ALSO follow them back. I’m @DCJoeDog there and I tried, so I made an AT mention on my feed.

    So, please add me to your contest list, I NEED THAT RARITY CARD!!! lol

  2. *blush* Thank you so very much for the kind words about my plushies. ❤ Had I known how in demand pony swag would be, I would have brought at least 4x as many. Next Year Gadget!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! those Cake costumes took forever to sew and don’t get me started on the plushies. I tell Carrot Cake you liked us. ❤ awesome bronycon wrap up!

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