Super Special Saturday Press Release: Zombie TCG!

Have you every played Magic: The Gathering? Have you ever watched/read The Walking Dead? If you have, good for you! If you haven’t go do so immediately.

You know what’s cooler than Magic: The Gathering or The Walking Dead? BOTH OF THEM COMBINED. Downward Viral has launched their Kickstarter project (which I am proud to be officially backing) and YOU can too. Click here to see their Kickstarter profile!

Downward Viral, LLC is extremely excited (and nervous) to announce that our zombies-versus-survivors downloadable trading card game just went live on Kickstarter!

Z. is best described as “Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead” and will feature live actors and disgusting horror effects for every card. Seriously, one of the art team even threw up in their mouth while making these cards.

Downward Viral was founded by former journalists and it’s a Friday so we know to keep this press release mercifully brief. Here are just a few of the key bulletpoints for what makes Z. worth checking out, and feel free to contact us for more information or assets!

Choose your side: zombies or survivors?
Original photography and gruesome horror effects used for every card
MMO-esque equipment sets, progressive card bonuses, and killstreaks!
An episodic story using live-action cutscenes produced by the team behind the Left 4 Dead short film
Created with gamers, for gamers! Get in on the dev process and vote on new cards and features, or be a card yourself!
LOTS of guest characters, with Tex Murphy already being announced as the first!
We’re doing one major update a day, showing off the different aspects of the game and Kickstarter process
Tons of swag for backers, including a collectors edition boxed set that is exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign!

We’d love for you to post a quick article if you think your readers might be interested in our game.

Also, did we mention Tex Murphy will be a guest card? That’s kind of awesome, right?

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

–The Downward Viral team

There’s the official press release from the D.V. team. This looks like an awesome game to me- they have 6 more days to raise about 60k more (they already have 40k) so please consider looking into supporting this project!

– E. B.


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