Thursday Teaser Post: Card Dueling in Style

You’ve spent long, toiling hours building the perfect Magic deck to smite your enemies. Or maybe you dropped over $600 for a Time Twister (Limited Edition Alpha) to royally screw over every opponent you duel.

If that’s the case, then it’s probably worth it to keep your hard work/major investment in a secure and safe place. Plastic sleeves and cardboard boxes don’t cut it this time around- you need something that not only says “My cards will remain in pristine condition” but also “I am a MTG god!”

There are several noted providers of epic & custom made MTG/Yu-Gi-Oh/etc. deck boxes that will provide all the card storage/dueling style you need:

1. Leifkickers Custom Gaming Haven: This is definitely my number one pick for custom made deck boxes. Leifkicker’s online store provides hand-made, high quality deck boxes falling under a variety of themes. Steampunk, natural elements, and even specific MTG characters (see Koth example above) are all used as inspiration for these creations. They have a sense of drama about them – bring one of these to a tournament or match and the other players will know you mean business.

2.  Arca Deckboxes: Maybe you’re the kind of MTG player who stacks their decks with sorcery & enchantments. Perhaps you like to think of yourself as a Wizard of MTG. If that’s the case, then these custom spellbook deck boxes might be for you! I think they are beautiful- you can order them customized with art, initials, textures, jewels and more. The only disadvantage is that this is a UK based seller, so expect to pay for international shipping (however, the current prices listed on the site are reasonable).

3. Custom Card Boxes: Maybe you don’t want dramatic/expensive deck boxes, but you still want something nicer than plastic or cardboard for deck storage. Custom Card Boxes provides wood-crafted deck & storage boxes with a variety of wood, paint and lid options. The customization site is confusing, so you might have to contact them directly to get exactly what you want. Please note the boxes can get expensive, but they offer more cheaper, cost-efficient ways to customize your box too.

No matter what, these boxes will hopefully keep you playing your respective card game in style.

– E.B.



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