Teaser Thursday Post – Ice Cream Treats for the Summer Heat

In my home town, it was 102 degrees last week. In Chicago, where I go to school, it was almost 110! The summer of 2012 has slowly been trying to melt our faces off and that means we have to find alternative ways to stay cool. While A/C, fans and drinking water are all great ways to beat the heat, no summer in America is complete without frequent trips for ice cream!
Look no further than Stoyn Ice Cream for all of your ice cream creation inspiration with a decidedly nerdy twist.

STOYN’s ice cream experiment decided to take 10 iconic figures in pop culture and commemorate them in delicious ice cream treats. They used all sorts of natural ingredients and interesting flavors to make some memorable mash-ups. The Mario/Tequila Sunrise ice cream is probably my favorite. Characters like Darth Vader and Donald Duck have also found their way into the catalog:

STOYN is getting ready to launch “Season II” of their ice cream line, and I’ll be excited to see what they do next. I wish I lived closer to Miami so I could taste one of these for myself! Still, I can’t help but smile & feel refreshed when I see these ice creams.

– E.B.


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