Webcomic Wednesday – All New Issues

Today’s featured Webcomic is All New Issues by Bill Ellis & Dani O’Brien

What’s the Deal?: This slice of life comic centers around a less-than-popular comic book store, it’s struggling owner and his employees & friends. This is the perfect comic for fans of popular hits like Questionable Content who would prefer Superhero jokes over indie music.

The Characters: Todd, the underpaid & ‘young-at-heart’ employee easily steals the show in this comic. Also, the store cat provides a lot of ninja-cat lawlz.

The Art:
The character design & expression is pretty solid throughout the comic. One thing I appreciate about All New Issues is the way panel backgrounds are negotiated. In many comics there’s either no background context or the setting is so cluttered it hurts your eyes. This comic takes the approach of contrasting more detailed settings with one or two simplistic hints to location. The blend works really well in my opinion- never too much. Overall, there’s a stylistically crisp feel to the art.

Frequency of Updates: Mon/Weds/Friday, every week.

Safe for Work?: Yup!

– E.B.


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