Minecraft for Everypony!

As anyone familiar with the crafting-verse may know, the 1.3 update to everyone’s favorite built-it-yourself sandbox game went live yesterday August 1st.

If you haven’t updated your Minecraft yet, this is what you can expect from 1.3.

In the recent weeks, I’ve become interested in joining a multiplayer server on Minecraft while my college server is down for the summer. After some investigation into server communities, I decided I wanted to join a Brony Server, preferably one dedicated to creating canon recreations of Equestria. Here’s the deal with some of the multipony servers out there in the Craftverse:

Brohoof: Brohoof is probably the most prolific Brony server out there, while also being the most exclusive. In order to build officially on the server, you have to go through a rigorous submissions process. You must build a Ponyville themed house with a serious list of building parameters (also, no ability to dig below ground). 75% of all submissions get rejected the first go around. You only get two shots in Brohoof, so many many people fail both times and are barred from further submissions. While this is very harsh, it does mean the quality of their overall building is quite excellent.

The server is almost ALWAYS full, so good luck getting to log on with any regularity unless you make builder status (aka greenmanes).

As for the community, I found that many of the players are jerks. Builders fly around the submission area and mock players- telling them their houses are crap without offering any advice. Some builders do offer good advice – so it’s not all bad. If you are in freebuild or otherwise, people tend to be more isolated. As for the admins, some of them are extremely helpful and others are tools. It’s sort of a toss up.

EquestriaCraft: EquestriaCraft is a more relaxed Brony community, with still some great canon building. The submission process is similar to Brohoof’s, although the admins actually offer advice and give you a second try on the same submission house (instead of restarting like Brohoof) so there’s a bit more grace.

As far as community goes, the admins keep control over griefing with an iron fist, but that’s good. The players are pretty social and try to practice the whole love & tolerance theme of MLP (many of them are former Brohoofer’s who got tired of the community there). There’s the occasional annoying punk kid, but they usually get handled swiftly enough.

Even though I am not a part of this server, I wanted to mention the Official Brony Server of Planet Mine Craft: PMC’s official Brony server has the most complicated & extensive society structure of all of the Brony servers I came across. The way towns & citizenship works is outlined here. There’s a points system and competition system that makes this server distinct as a blend of both sandbox game and competition.

– E.B.

The owner of Brohoof linked his own personal blog site & MLP server list here (http://www.hoofbump.com/)


8 thoughts on “Minecraft for Everypony!

  1. Hi, I run brohoof, and its hard to read something like this without wanting to clear up the inaccuracies. First, many houses that don’t pass are given a chance to just fix what’s wrong, we only outright reject a house when it is fundamentally flawed and would require so much work to fix that they may as well start over.
    And as for builders being jerks, I would love to fix that if someone could just bring that to the admin’s attention. I would personally yell at anyone if I saw them doing that, we have even banned people for doing this and not stopping when asked.
    I also realize freebuild is kind of boring, but for a long time there was really nothing for people to do at all if they weren’t builders. I made the server for builders to make nice art, so if someone isn’t a good artist, I realize we’re not that great of a place to be. I don’t know what I can really do about that.

    Also, Equestriacraft was actually caught ripping us off and digitalcat (the owner) never apologized or even admitted doing it. That screenshot you used happens to have the Town Hall from our server that they pasted into their world and posted it on reddit as if it was theirs. Do you seriously want to support them?
    The drama is just really ugly, and due to him never apologizing, the bad blood between the servers continues. If he just admitted it and apologized, I could at least forgive it.
    And if they seem more helpful, that may be because they are so much less busy.

    We were more helpful at first when we were smaller. But after awhile, we have enough builders. But I want to always leave the application process open so new people can have a chance to prove themselves.
    Just to quote some stats, we get 75 new people visiting a day, 21 of those are promoted to freebuilder, and 8 get cmc promotions. That is every single day, and after awhile its hard not to want to handhold new people, only to have most of them never even come back. So people getting builder status are treated better because we can at least hope that they will return.

    And finally, I want to plug my own server list and blog on MLP themed minecraft servers, I watch the scene closely just to stay competitive, and I figured at least the list would be useful to people.
    click server list at the top.

    • I’m glad you wanted to share this as an owner of Brohoof. I do want to say that since the majority of of the insults are conducted in general chat, maybe there should be some admin’s who keep a closer eye on that and speak with some of the perpetuators. It was so frequent I am surprised it hasn’t been reported more. Some of the Admins themselves were rather mean, so that might be something to look into as Brohoof’s owner.

      As for the stats you quoted: while I appreciate them, that still doesn’t really undermine most of what I said. Brohoof presents itself as an exclusive community, and your admins claim the 75% rejection rate. This is a blog, and that was my experience. I spent multiple weeks on both servers, and this was the impression I received and so I blogged about it. There’s no question the quality of Brohoof building and originality is the highest, but I was honest in how I felt treated on the server.

      I am going to add your personal blog to the main article, because I think it’s quality and you will provide a different opinion, which is good. However, my opinion is still my opinion (based on my experience with both servers) and that’s the reality of it.

      • Whoa hold on there, I didn’t quote the stats to undermine anything, I was just explaining what is causing things to have gotten as bad as they are. After having to deal with these same people over and over that don’t read the directions, it can drive us pretty crazy.
        And I actually really appreciate this blog post about us, its nice to see an observer’s point of view. You say you’re surprised nobody has pointed this out, but I think people see others getting banned for flaming us, and assume flames = opposing viewpoint and don’t want to get banned.
        Your article has sparked a discussion among the admins on what we can do to stop the meanness, I don’t want to run the “bully” server, my vision was having a really great place for good artwork, and in doing that its put us in a position of having to tell people they can’t make their cobblestone house in Ponyville, and that just causes a lot of negativity. But if anyone is insulting other people’s stuff openly, I really want to put a stop to that.

      • I’m glad to hear it has sparked a discussion – I really did admire the building quality on Brohoof, so I was sad I felt so unwelcome. I wish you the best in managing your server.

  2. This is really starting to make me mad Ratty. I can see you try so hard to make us look bad isn’t it time to stop? So what, equestriacraft got it’s own mistakes and we all know that, but so do you. Try dropping a conflict for once i just can’t stand that you keep bringing the hole ”Oh equestriacraft used one of our building’s conflict” You are trying so hard to make us look bad that you keep bringing up the whole conflict on different sites like The Solar Empire.

    Oh and you know what the funny thing is? You always said that you don’t really care about other servers using a building without giving credit. Well you clearly do! Maybe you should change the note to ”CREDIT US OR ELSE WE WILL FLAME YOU”

    Want to know a funny thing? We never downloaded your map ;). We made that building block by block back on lunacraft with one of our members. We have been longer around then you think.

    I just have one thing to say drop the conflict ratty because you are clearly not using the love and tolerate motto.

    • I don’t think this is the place to debate this, I was happy to debate it on my forum, or on the Solar Empire’s forum, but you just kept running away once I submitted facts.
      But if posts like that are being approved, then here is my response.

      Here is the post where I proved you copied it block by block, I encourage anyone that is interested in actual facts to read it:

      And never have you admitted that it was a copy. I downloaded YOUR map so I could compare, and that building was block for block identical. And your response is to act like I’m to blame, and you’re the victim here? I’m not dropping this until you take responsibility for what was done on your server and admit that it was copied (YOU STILL HAVE NOT DONE THIS), and apologize.
      I never said I didn’t care about credit, I said I don’t care if people use our maps, I even publish them for download on http://www.brohoof.com/backups. The issue is using the work, and pretending to have made the things in it. Of all the other servers that use our builds, nobody else has ever tried to claim it as theirs.

      And no, I will never drop this until you admit you did something wrong, so far you’re just trying to maintain that I’m just being a bully, and you did nothing wrong, and if I forgive, it is like saying its ok that people do that. If you apologize, then I can drop it since it means you realized the mistake, and we can just leave it in the past.

  3. Sorry, but i did not claim it as mine. I have never said that it was mine or that i made it. The picture with the town hall in it was just a accident by my fellow staff member. A little mistake by a person is it all about that? Only because we messed up with one picture? I could just ask for a repost and blur out the town hall or something if that is what you are seeking for. Because according to everything you said so far you just wan’t one sorry for one little mistake we did with a picture on reddit.

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