A Humble Bundle of Music

One of my favorite music genres happens to be videogame and movie soundtracks. I also happen to love indie rock.

Humble Bundle is currently offering (only for 3 more days!) a Humble Music Bundle featuring some really great selections if you have my music tastes.

  1. Album Raises New and Troubling Questions – They Might Be Giants
  2. Best of Valkyria Chronicles – Hitoshi Sakimoto
  3. Jonathan Coulton’s Greatest Hits – Jonathan Coulton
  4. Favoritism – MC Frontalot
  5. Calling All Dawns – Christopher Tin
  6. Twelve Remixes of Four Songs – OK Go (if you donate over $8.40)

I mostly bought the bundle for the first two albums I listed: Album Raises New and Trouble Questions and Best of Valkyria Chronicles. I have always loved the witty lyrics and tongue & cheek presentation of TMBG’s music. It’s a rarities album (aka a compilation of things that didn’t make it onto other albums) but it is definitely awesome.

Hitoshi Sakimoto is a world class composer who worked for Square but now runs his own company, Basiscape. He wrote the score for games like FF Tactics, FFXII and Tekken 6. This compilation of his music for the beautiful strategy RPG series Valkyria Chronicles is a pleasure to listen to.

Even if only one of the album’s is interesting to you- if you donate $8.40 to get the bonus material, you are still saving over $40 dollars compared to buying each album for retail price! A great deal with some real gems!

– E.B.


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