Wednesday Webcomic – Romantically Apocalyptic

Today’s featured Webcomic is Romantically Apocalyptic by Vitaly S. Alexius

What’s the Deal?: This comic is an issue based strip based on a future world post-nuclear holocaust. It’s a witty, funny and gorgeous envisioning of what life would be like if humanity was virtually wiped out. What I really love about it how it balances humor with the idea of utter annihilation.

The Characters: The Captain is the “protagonist” of Romantically Apocalyptic. Captain is pretty awesome (fights aliens with tea & cake and always has a sarcastic response) and it’s pretty easy to become attached to the character. The Captain’s crew of other survivors is pretty awesome, and they provide a variety of reactions to the post-holocaust reality that really adds to the comic.

The Art:
Absolutely gorgeous. Visually stunning from issue #1 to #100.

Frequency of Updates: Every Saturday.

Safe for Work?: Yup!

– E.B.

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