Minecraft on the Brain? Now it’s on Your Body!

Due to the 1.3 update of Minecraft, I have found it impossible to get my mind off of the game! Because of this, I went hunting for some fun Minecraft apparel/swag in order to witness my love of MC to the world…

These are the awesome things I found:

This Minecraft Creeper inspired dress, made by RavenBombshell – nothing says glamor like bright green pixel art promising imminent destruction. It retails for $129.00 and is custom made (you can order any size).

Or for those of you who might want a cheaper way to show off your craft love- a ‘diamond’ ring!

These rings are custom made by OxygenImpulse (who also makes great jewelry for other things like Portal, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda!) and they only retail for $10.

Maybe you (like me) live somewhere with extremely cold winters… if that’s the case then these hats are for you:

Click the pictures to go directly to their Etsy seller page (GolemGeekery and SunnyMomo respectively. The Enderman hat retails for $20 and the Creeper gear is $17.

And finally, my favorite Minecraft shirt of all:

Even though it’s one of the more simplistic shirts out there, I love that this shirt catches the addictive spirit of the game. It sells for $25 over at Jinx, which has lots of other Minecraft themed shirts to choose from.

There you have it, now wear your Minecraft gear with pride!

– E.B.


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