Geeks vs. Nerds for Charity!

Chris Hardwick is a famous comedian/nerd, founder of the Nerdist media empire. Every so often, Hardwick gathers a team of his loyal nerds to go head-to-head other popular nerds groups (Walking Dead cast, Geek & Sundry, etc.) in a tawdry & rambunctious game of bowling.

For playing the Nerdist team, the guests always get $1000 for a charity of their choice. If they win, they get an additional $1o00. It’s not only hilarious to watch your favorite nerd celebrities FAIL (or sometimes succeed) at bowling.

Just as a warning, while the profanity is *beeped* – there is a LOT of cursing so I suggest headphones if you’re watching at work.

If you want the whole list of Christ Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling, go here.

– E. B.


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