Wednesday Webcomic – Dresden Codak: Dark Science

This Week’s Webcomic is Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz

What’s the Deal?: Diaz essentially hosts two separate comic universes on Dresden Codak, both with very distinct art styles. I will focus on my favorite of the two, Dark Science (however, his other series Hob is also excellent).

Dark Science follows a genius girl scientist Kimiko Ross (who has made herself a cyborg) living in the grand machine city Nephilopolis. The world is run by Departments, registering things from scientific inquiry to crime. Every action must be filed and free will seems like something of the past. Something more sinister is brewing in the city, and Kim has no idea what’s coming next.

The Characters: I really like Kimiko, she’s got a brazen, graceless way of addressing the world around her. Is she sane? Who knows…

The Art: Positively gorgeous, the art is easily the best part of Dark Science. The level of detail is quite stunning. It also has this dark, macabre feel- reminding me of one of my favorite children’s illustrators Lane Smith’s art.

Frequency of Updates: Ideally once a week, but it’s a bit unreliable.

Safe for Work?: Definitely.

– E.B.


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