Son of A Submariner!

For any of you who have never played Final Fantasy VI… you need to log onto the PSN store and buy it RIGHT NOW.

No seriously, go HERE and buy the game. Right now. Only $10. That’s the equivalent of two Starbucks drinks.

Good. Now, for those of you who HAVE played what might be the best Final Fantasy game of all time, then you know that FFVI’s Kefka might be one of the most ridiculous and diabolical villain in video game history. His iconic make-up, laughter and ludicrous catchphrases are memorable – inspiring a website dedicated to his greatest moments:

Son of a Submariner!

Aside from, you can also head over to this off-the-radar fansite dedicated to the man who always manages to find the fun in destruction. On the Light of Judgement fansite, you can find several editorial pieces, a quotes collection and a background history of mad clown.

Enjoy the celebration of the patriarch of mayhem!



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