Wednesday Webcomic – Worsted for Wear

This week’s featured Webcomic is Rachel & Josh Anderson’s Worsted for Wear.

What’s the Deal?: Part slice of life comic, part inside joke with knitters & crocheters, Worsted for Wear takes a nuanced spin on the typical webcomic. Even though I am NOT an knitter or a crocheter, I still find this comic funny and relatable. The artists are also clearly nerds, there are a lot of great nerd-culture references including Batman and Cthulhu.

The Characters: Cam is the most frequently featured character, and she’s got enough sass and sarcasm to really carry a lot of the humor. As you go on, you get to know some of the other characters, and the humor develops as you get to know who’s who.

The Art: Solid comic-style, and it the coloring really develops and improves over the course of the publication.

Frequency of Updates: Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Safe for Work?: Yup!

– E.B.


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