Webcomic Wednesday – Yellow Peril

Today’s featured Webcomic is a recent favorite of mine: Yellow Peril by Jamie Noguchi

What’s the Deal?: Yellow Peril is a hysterical comic about graphic designers trying to survive in the real world. Aside from the anti-corporate stance, Noguchi wanted to develop YP as a comic featuring Asian and other minority protagonists. It is a sad truth that minority cultures, especially Asians, are not represented in American comedy very often and Noguchi wants to fix that.

“Yellow Peril is my small attempt to correct that great imbalance in the world of entertainment.  Sure, there are plenty of office humor type comics.  And yes, plenty of comics out there star Asian people.  But none have been drawn by me… until now!” – Jamie Noguchi.

The Characters: The cast is very lovable – there’s someone here that everyone can relate to. I’m personally a huge fan of Julie, the chef of the Asian/French fusion restaurant Chez Wong and her boyfriend Bodie. There’s a diverse range of personalities across the comic and I appreciate the varieties of sub-cultures featured in Yellow Peril.

The Art: I find it very stylistically pleasing – and he does a good job of finding color & definition range within a gray-scale comic.

Safe for Work?: Usually. This is an adult comic with adult themes & language – I’d say about PG-13 level.

– E.B.


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