Why I’m Excited For: Star Wars 1313

When Star Wars 1313 premiered at E3 this year, I was overwhelmed with absolutely joy.

The first mature approach to Star Wars in a long time, Star Wars 1313 looks like a cross between Uncharted, Hitman and KOTOR. The graphics of such high quality, in the gameplay trailer the game sequences are difficult to distinguish from the cutscenes.

This doesn’t look like some lame Wii gimmick or a meager attempt at a Star Wars “adult” game (coughUnleashedcough). Star Wars 1313 looks like a legitimate, universe canon and character driven installment to the franchise. 1313 has no ties to any of the films or cartoons which is a relief in many ways. It will be nice to see a fresh take on the Star Wars universe. We’ve ditched the silly, Ewok friendly Star Wars games we’ve had in recent years, and in it’s place we are getting a gritty account of the crime world of Coruscant.

This game breathes new life into the action/adventure game genre that has become stale with serialized franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted. It will be nice to have something new on the game shelf.

Just look at this gameplay trailer and tell me you don’t get a slight tingle from how awesome this will be…

– E.B.


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