Webcomic Wednesdays – Virtual Shackles

This week’s featured webcomic is Virtual Shackles by Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie

What’s the Deal?: Virtual Shackles is a webcomic drawn and written by two guys working in the gaming industry. In many ways, it’s like a collection of inside jokes for the gamer community. The comic breaks down to be about half parody comics of videogames & other nerdy subjects. The other half covers gaming industry jokes based on their own life experiences.

The Characters: Because much of the comic is parody based, the characters don’t necessarily stand out as much as other comics. However, the guys are likable and you can relate as a gamer to things like their MMO addiction.

The Art: It starts out feeling flat and average for a webcomic, with some specific things very well rendered. However as the comic progresses, the art improves as the comic settles into it’s own style choices. The shading, in particular, develops as time progresses – adding some dimension to the panels.

Safe for Work?: Pretty much. Some blood and gore but nothing too bad.

Frequency of Updates: Mondays & Wednesdays.

– E.B.


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