Reaper Miniatures – Meeting All of Your RPG Needs!

I have begun my third year of college, and that means only one thing: Dungeons and Dragons begins again!

This year, I am in two weekly campaigns that just started this last week. Because  my friends and I all started new characters, we needed to go on a miniature hunt!

*For those new to D&D, miniatures are small statues, usually plastic or pewter that represent your character on the playmat.

I have been a frequent buyer on the online website Reaper Miniatures. They offer around 13 different brands of miniatures – from Space Cowboys, to Vampire Priestesses to Halfling Rogues – they have just about anything you need for playing any tabletop RPG.

My new Gnome model (It arrives unpainted, FYI)

Price wise, it’s pretty affordable. Shipping is cheap and the basic, single character miniatures run about $4-10 a pop. Compare that to Games Workshop where you’d spend about $20-25 for a single figure (with shipping).

Reaper has their own paint brand. I do think Citadel paints dry nicer overall, but I have about 30 colors from the Reaper line, and they suit my needs just fine and they have a very large palette available.

My new Vryloka Model for my Cosmic Sorceress

I have been a buyer from Reaper Mini for about 3 years now, and I have never been disappointed with a purchase. I highly suggest Reaper if you are looking for a great addition to your tabletop party!

– E.B.


3 thoughts on “Reaper Miniatures – Meeting All of Your RPG Needs!

  1. This is great. My nerd crew and I need to get ourselves some miniatures… we write our own campaigns and make our own maps and such but we still just use coins as our characters place holders.

    • Yeah, my crew uses a huge white board grid with colored markers to make our maps & my writer friend writes the campaigns- but we all decided we had to buy miniatures. Just so you know, Heroscape figures work really well for big bads (dragons, firelashers, etc.) & they are much cheaper than metal minis.

      • Thanks for the info! We have our next “nerdfest” in December… maybe I will surprise the guys with their minis. I will be the DM (for the first time) the nerdfest after this one so I will make sure to get some sweet big bads, ( I know the guys are too cheap to buy anything for their campaigns lol).

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