Headset Gaming – Best Choice Ever.

This year, I moved into an apartment with three other women. In an attempt to be a sensitive roommate, I decided to finally invest in a quality headset for my gaming habit so I didn’t force my house to put up with the sounds of lasers, bombs and dragons on a nightly basis.

After thorough research, I decided to buy a set of Astro Gaming headphones. I put down $250 dollars to buy a set of wired, customized A30 headphones with the recommended MixAmp accessory exactly one year ago.

My gaming has never been the same.

When the box arrived from the UK – I set everything up and decided to give them a test run. I put in my copy of Mass Effect 2 and decided to go frolicking in space for an hour or so…

I couldn’t believe my ears when I realized how different gaming is with the crystal clear Dolby  Digital sound. In every gunfight, I felt immersed in the action as guns and biotics fired from a variety of directions. Hearing ME2 through a headset gave me a whole new appreciate for the sound design of the game.

I especially loved using the Mix-Amp because  you can adjust the ratio between the music and game sounds with a simple twist of a knob. No muddling through menu options and tweaking the settings- only to find everything thrown off when you land in a new environment.

I ended up laying Mass Effect for another 5 hours, and I never felt any discomfort with the headset. I am a little less thrilled with the microphone’s functionality, but who wants to talk to those annoying 12 year olds on Xbox Live anyways?

I had always scoffed at the (what I believed were) ridiculous prices of Astro Gaming’s gear, but after trying two or three other brands out of curiosity- I’m now a believer. I have been happy for a full year now, so I decided to share the anniversary of my new gaming life with you all.

– E.B.


One thought on “Headset Gaming – Best Choice Ever.

  1. I need a new headset badly. I dropped mine on the ground a few days ago and the entire right side just ripped off! I’ll have to look into these, Jon got a tritton set, which were pretty expensive but I do not like them much.

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