Webcomic Wednesdays – My Cardboard Life

This week’s featured webcomic is My Cardboard Life by Philippa Rice

What’s the Deal?: This week’s choice is a little bit unusual as far as webcomics go. Philippa Rice constructs each strip out of physical paper, paint and cardboard- each one is new.  The comic is sometimes sad, sometimes nerdy (as seen above) and often just plain witty. I love her puns on the material objects she uses in her strips- they’re pretty clever.

The Characters: Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline (and the violent Polar Bear) are the main stars of the strip. Colin and Pauline have a semi-dysfunctional relationship, but Pauline’s snark can be pretty great. Also, the Polar eats things. And people. It’s great.

The Art: The art is really charming. Rice has a large color palette she pulls from and she incorporates her various mediums into the comic strips very well and very aesthetically pleasing.

Safe for Work?: Definitely. This is about as “G” rated as webcomics get.

Frequency of Updates: Every weekday.

– E.B.


One thought on “Webcomic Wednesdays – My Cardboard Life

  1. I love MCL, so I was happy to see this in my reader this morning! I also enjoyed your review of Romantically Apocalyptic, another one of my favorites. Your blog is great!

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