Webcomic Wednesday – SMBC

This week’s featured webcomic is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zack Weiner.

What’s the Deal?: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a daily webcomic that is frequently both humorous and horrifying. Covering a variety of subject matter, SMBC is a cynic’s view of the world, told through comic. From politics to love, science to childhood, SMBC provides a new take on how much life can really suck sometimes. If you have a dark sense of humor, or you appreciate a cynical quip, you will most likely enjoy SMBC.

The Characters: So far as I could tell, there’s no real re-occurring character in SMBC. Weiner uses a bevy of different character designs, so there’s no real continuity between comics.

The Art: The art is simple but effective in communicating expressions and emotion. SMBC is not about the art, but the punchline. The presentation style is very similar to Gary Larson’s The Far Side comics (for those of you that have read them).

Safe for Work?: Usually. The humor can get pretty mature though. Also, people might give you strange looks if they see you are reading a SMBC that mocks dead grandmothers or something… just saying.

Frequency of Updates: Every day, including weekends.

– E.B.


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