Dress Those Walls In (Nerd)Art!

It’s that time of year – students across the country are moving into new dorms, apartments and houses as they brace themselves for another eight months of education.

For those of you looking to class up those bare, institutionally whitewashed walls – here are some cheap(er) art options with a nerdy twist!

For the steampunk addict or YOLO (You Obviously Like Owls) member:

CollageOrama – Steampunk Owl Art Print

$7.99 via Etsy

For the lover of history and/or Star Wars:

PopcaPopca – Pharaoh Vader Print  

$10.00 via Etsy

For those who haven’t gotten over Dark Knight Rises:

Halftone Handicrafts – Batman String Art

$35.00 via Etsy

For those who keep that Sonic Screwdriver with reach at all times:

DBArtist – No Flying Daleks Here

$30.00 via Etsy

And finally, the new poster I’ve pre-ordered for my new apartment living room for the nerdfighter in each of us…:

DFTBA & John Green – Nerd Like Us

$12.00 via DFTBA



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