Wednesday Webcomic – Goblins

This week’s featured webcomic is Goblins by Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stephens.

What’s the Deal?: Goblins is the story of hearty adventurers questing across fantastical lands… from the perspectives of the poor goblins sent to attack them. The comic is super self-aware of table top role playing games and their cliches. If you have ever played D&D, Pathfinder or another pen & paper RPG, you will get particular delight over some of the jokes and references.

The Characters: The Goblin Adventuring party is made up of a cast of extremely lovable characters. Chief, the leader class (Cleric) of the group is one of my particular favorites in the series. Big Ears, the sensible tank (Paladin) is pretty great, especially counter to Complains-of-Names’ more impulsive attitude. The Goblins are set counter to a Human Adventuring party made up of some great RPG player archetypes, including a warrior named Minmax (because his stats are so high…)

The Art: The improvement of the art over the course of the comic is astounding! It started as a basic line-pencil drawings and has now progressed to a full-scale, full color comic. For proof of the incredible contrast, click here.

Safe for Work?: Yes, there’s gore but minimal NSFW content (thankfully, I don’t wanna know how that would work with goblins…)

Frequency of Updates: Tuesdays & Fridays.

– E.B.


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