Featured Art(ist) – Minuiko

This Week’s Featured Artist is Minuiko.

I initially found Minuiko’s art through Tumblr – Minuiko works for commission, with one of her specialties applying to the fantasy worlds written by Tamora Pierce for young adults. For those of you who never read anything from the Tortall or Circle of Magic universes, Pierce’s worlds are filled with particularly strong young people (mostly women) and fantastical magic. These worlds made up my childhood and I was excited to see someone generating art from the series!

Her fan art covers a large swath of fandoms, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tales of the Abyss, etc. When you look at some of her early work, you see how she has clearly developed significantly as an artist.

Because she works on commission, some of the drawings have a crack-fic quality to them, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For example, here’s some pretty gorgeous Zuko/Katara AU art from Avatar: The Last Airbender:

She’s got some interesting stuff – I really recommend following her Tumblr!

– E.B.


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