Felicia Day’s The Guild – Swag for Season 6!

Tomorrow, October 2nd, the first episode of The Guild’s sixth season premieres on Geek and Sundry!

In honor of this particularly momentous occasion, I have compiled a bevy of awesome Guild gear from across the netverse in for your purchasing pleasure!

The Guild Doll Set

In case you feel inclined to cuddle Codex, Zaboo or even Tink…

 $110 via Geeky and Cheeky (retail for $20 each)


Codex Macbook Decal

Because who doesn’t want to take Felicia Day with them everywhere they go?

$20 via Barnyard FX

The Guild: Comic Collection (Trade Paperback)

The best thing about this comic collection is it provides backstory to the events of the web series. An incredibly fun read with some great art!

$10.99 via Amazon

The Guild: Trading Card Game

Nothing screams ultimate fanboy/girl like owning the official TCG. Heck, even I didn’t know there was a Guild TCG!

$3.50 per pack ($84 for a box) via Cryptozoic

And of course, if you want to purchase The Guild for your personal viewing pleasure- it’s available on iTunes and on Geek & Sundry!



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