Wednesday Webcomic – Zombie Ranch

This Week’s featured webcomic is Zombie Ranch by Clint and Dawn Wolf.

What’s the Deal?: Zombie Ranch is the story of America after a great zombie plague swept through the land – taking most of the population with it. In a few select areas remain safe zones, civilized centers of industry have emerged. Outside of these safe zones lies wastelands, wild zones and Zombie Ranch. At Z Ranch, the Zane family of Texas has monopolized on the new commodity of fresh zombie blood by running a Zombie wranglin’ and refining operation. The work is dangerous, not because of the undead, but because of the living who want money, glory… even revenge. The story errs on the side of being plausibly ridiculous, similar in the vein of Dr. McNinja (for those who know that comic) and the humor is fairly dry.

The Characters: Susannah Zane and her foreman, Frank Hays, run the Z Ranch with a sense of Texan charm and ferocity. The characters have this distinct western feel, and I have to say Susannah is a pretty hardcore rancher. The supporting cast of characters are memorable and humorous, especially the slightly questionable Uncle Frank.

The Art: Zombie Ranch features very crisp colored line art. It’s nice to read a comic that comes fully colored with each page.

Safe for Work?: Yep. Just some good ol’ fashion zombie killin’!

Frequency of Updates: Every Wednesday.

– E.B.


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