Featured Art(ist) – Michael Mayne

Oppa Ganon Style!!!!!!!

Ahem, excuse me. The Featured Art(ist) of the week is Michael Mayne.

Mayne is a webcomic artist – his most popular comic would be the series Bonnie Lass. He has a variety of pet projects, including a Robin of Locksley comic, and he creates a good amount of both fanart and original work.

What I really love about Mayne’s art is the vibrancy of the color and the sense of dynamic movement in most of his art. His subjects always appear to have been caught in motion, as opposed to perfectly posed for the sake of the visual picture.

Also, I have commend Mayne for his skill in with a variety of style choices. From realistic comic style to chibi anime – he masterfully draws it all. If you like what you see, check out his personal blog!

– E.B.


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