Wednesday Webcomic – The Perry Bible Fellowship

This week’s featured Webcomic is The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch.

What’s the Deal?: The Perry Bible Fellowship is an episodic panel comic series by Nicholas Gurewitch. Gurewitch also has several guest writers who help him with the comics on occasion. PBF tends to gear towards witty and circumstantial humor – the final panel almost always lands home with the joke flawlessly. The comics are often whimsical and fantastical with sudden morbid endings. There is a (soon to be) out of print book available via Amazon of Gurewitch’s newspaper run collection if you are interested in PBF.

The Characters: Not really applicable to PBF since there is little (if any) character continuity.

The Art: The art styles change from comic to comic. I actually find this very impressive, it indicate Gurewitch is a capable artist in a variety of styles. The art tends to stay consistent between panels of a single comic however.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: Originally the comic updated every Sunday (there’s where the Biblical illusion comes in.) However, it is now significantly more scattered – it updates once a month or so?

– E.B.


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