Mother Mary’s Nerdy Makeover

My Little Mary – Soasig Chamaillard

Toeing the lines between sacrilege, art and humor, Soasig Chamaillard has repurposed the Mother Mary in the likeness of other famous icons in culture. The contrast of the religious iconography and television shows like My Little Pony isn’t so much a commentary on religion as it is an exploration of the combination of images that bear significance to us for different meanings.

Soasig says of the art:

I grew up in a Christian Western society. My perspective on life has been a result of my environment and background.

The playful interaction of society’s many icons, physical transformations, and the resulting improbable combinations, have culminated in my vision of a woman’s role and place in our society.
This inner questioning of a woman’s role, has led me to use one of the most sacred icons in my work, namely, the Virgin Mary.
Initially, I begin with damaged statues, either donated or discovered in garage sales, which I then restore and transform.

I surely do not mean to chock those who believe but rather to move those who see.

    Super Marie O – Soasig Chamaillard                                                                    

Chamaillard’s gallery of Mother Mary statues can be found on here. Chamaillard has created over 35 other Marys to date.

– E.B.


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