Featured Art(ist) – James Ryman

This week’s featured art(ist) is James Ryman.

James Ryman is a professional science fiction and fantasy artist. He does professional digital paintings and designs for major corporations, including Blizzard.

His textures really pop, and I think Ryman illustrates some of the most expressive facial expressions. (Just as a warning, some of his female portaits are pretty scantily clad, readers at work, beware.)

Ryman also does art for Magic: The Gathering, and it’s pretty incredible. However, my favorite of his galleries is his Zombie collection. The level of detail in each of the paintings, down to the tiniest of scratches and tears, is incredible impressive.

Ryman definitely produces some impressive artwork – here’s his deviantArt page. His blog is linked at the top of the article.

– E.B.


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