Webcomic Wednesday – Hark! A Vagrant

The Webcomic of the Week is Hark! A Vagrant

What’s the Deal?: Kate Beaton is a cartoonist who publishes in newspapers as well as online. Her comics are often historically based, and they are outrageously funny to anyone who knows their history. Sometimes, if it’s based in Canadian history, I have NO idea what’s going on, but still as a whole the comic is fairly accessible.

The Characters: Hark! A Vagrant features a large cast of characters, spanning across European, Canadian and American history. Some repeat favorites are Napoleon, Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy and Queen Elizabeth I. Beaton likes to take a new spin on classic perceptions of famous people, and the result is pretty stinkin’ funny.

The Art: It has a really charming, simplistic cartoon quality. Her faces are so expressive, they are the best part of her work. I have never read a comic that is capable of communicating so much through such simplistic sketching!

Safe for Work?: Definitely

Frequency of Updates: It doesn’t have a regular updating schedule, there’s usually something up about once a week though.

– E.B.


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