Featured Art(ist) – Cris Urdiales

This Week’s Featured Artist is Cris Urdiales.

Cris Urdiales does not speed paint massive commission backgrounds or draw obsessive slash-fic fanart. Urdiales has taken a whole new approach to blending fanfiction, art and story with her diary projects. Adopting a travel journal format (similar to Nathan Drake’s notebooks in the Uncharted series) for various video games, the art and the story blend together to tell a seamless narrative.

These diary pages are beautifully water colored, and simplistic in nature. Her diaries apply mostly to BioWare games like Mass Effect and Jade Empire.

Her other fanart work is equally fantastic, covering a range from DC Comics to Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones.

I have to admit, I am totally obsessed with the sketchy texture of the majority of her work. It makes it feel natural and freeform. I love it.

– E.B.


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