Dragon Age III: Inquisition Concept Art!

Good news for all of the BioWare fans and Dragon Age junkies! BioWare’s recent blog post revealed three new concept art panels from the upcoming Dragon Age III game!

This one’s my favorite. It’s so green and lush.

The art is mostly locale specific, but it’s still exciting to see some of the new environment designs. Let’s hope the vibrant greens carry over to the game, so we don’t have a repeat of everything being mud colored (*coughDAIIcough*). The recent announcement that Dragon Age III will be built using the new RPG engine with DICE’s Frostbite 2 technology means the game is going to look FREAKING GORGEOUS. According to a leaked questionnaire, the game action is located in Orlais, covering the story of the chaos in the empire following the events of Dragon Age 2. You will pick between a rouge, warrior or mage (yay!) and your character the leader of the mysterious group, the Inquisition.

Gotta love Monty Python joke cats. Seriously though, this will be the joke of DA3. 

The only question I have at this point is with a release date in late 2013… will we be seeing DA III on a next-gen console? EA, the owners of BioWare, currently have next-gen technology in their shop, so it’s possible. Could it be a possible launch game? Who knows.

– E.B.


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