Wednesday Webcomic – By The Book

This Week’s featured webcomic is By The Book by Peter Anckorn.

What’s the Deal?: Can you tell I love webcomics based on Dungeons and Dragons? It’s true. In By The Book, an orc, a goblin and a kobold discover a copy of Handbook 3.5 after an adventurer’s party loots their treasure. With this mysterious tome to guide them, they  generate characters in order to become heroes and live out their epic destinies. The writing could use some work, but overall it’s a very enjoyable lesser known D&D comic.

The Characters: Rath the goblin is my favorite bumbling idiot fighter. He’s small, green and the underdog – in some ways like a more fantastical version of Kermit the Frog.

The Art: The One thing that really sticks out about Anckorn’s comic are his backgrounds. They are really beautiful, especially the snapshots of scenery. The overall design of the comic world is fantastical and color drenched – it’s very very pleasing to read.

Safe for Work?: I’d give it about a PG-13 rating. I personally wouldn’t want to read this at work, mostly because some of the character designs are fairly… revealing. Nothing you’d get in trouble for though.

Frequency of Updates: Every Wednesday and Saturday.


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