A Night with Goddesses – The Zelda Symphony Tour

Last Thursday, my roommate Elizabeth and I travelled to downtown Chicago to see Zelda: The Symphony of Goddesses. Held in the legendary Chicago Theater, we experienced an evening of beautiful music, video and lots and lots of Zelda jokes.

For People Planning to Go: For anyone planning on going to the concert at a later date, know that the dress code is VERY casual. Most people were wearing Zelda gear, and there was a BUNCH of cosplay, spanning the entirety of Zelda games history. Also, be sure to bring your 3DS. My roommate and I got over 50-some street pass tags – the handhelds were everywhere.

The Music: Conductor Eímear Noone, from Ireland, led a orchestra/choir combo through a total of seven orchestrated Zelda classics, as well a four movement symphony inspired by four separate Zelda games:

Movement 1 – Ocarina of Time

Movement 2 – Wind Waker

Movement 3 – Twilight Princes (By far the most enthralling. The choral part ove the movement gave me chills and the music for this game had a sense of grandiose wonder.)

Movement 4 – Link to the Past

Overall, I was very impressed with Noone’s embodied conducting style, and she was almost as much fun to watch as the Zelda game footage. The symphony movements are paired with video footage explaining each game a movement was based on. The creative producer, Jeron Moore, introduced many of the songs as well as each of the three encores. His passion for Zelda was visible when he spoke- he designed this symphony for the fans, including a fan-requested Majora’s Mask number.

Aside from the gorgeous music, I relly enjoyed seeing the large breadth of the Zelda fanbase. There were gamers of all ages, from kindergartners to people well into their 50’s, enjoying over 25 years of Zelda music and games. It was a beautiful event, and I hope they release a retail CD of the anniversary music sometime in the near future.

Long story made short: If you like Zelda, even a little bit, GO TO THIS SYMPHONY. Here are the remaining tour dates: http://zelda-symphony.com/schedule

– E.B.


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