Wednesday Webcomic – Power Nap

This week’s webcomic is Power Nap by Maritza Campos & Bachan.

What’s the Deal?: What would happen if the world functioned on hyper drugs that made you super productive… but you were allergic to them? Meet Drew Spencer, the unfortunate office monkey stuck in this exact situation. One part sci-fi adventure, one part big-brother dystopian society, this comic is a fascinating blend of the two.

The Characters: Drew is… slightly unhinged but still endearing. He’s your typically everyman stuck in a world of super human productivity and life. As far as the supporting cast, I am of the opinion that Power Nap’s real character definition doesn’t necessarily come from the various people themselves. The world they life in is so crazy, it makes everyone just a little psycho – making for some interesting moments no matter the character.

The Art: The faces in the comic are fascinating. The way people are drawn varies greatly, partially due to the role they are playing in the story. Drew’s face contorts in some extravagant ways, while his red headed love interest in the first chapter always looks stunning (and her overall face is much more realistic and attractive.) It’s a different approach to differentiation of character, but I like it.

Safe for Work?: Yes! It might even make you grateful to be there 😉 

Frequency of Updates: Direct quote from Maritza – “Whenever”

– E.B.


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