Wednesday Webcomic – Multiplex

The week’s featured webcomic is Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin.

What’s the Deal?: Multiplex is a slice of life webcomic that follows the employees of a Chicago cinema center. If you are a movie buff, this is going to be your new favorite webcomic. McAlpin keeps the story culturally relevant and up-to-date with references – coupled with movie jokes only true cinema addicts would enjoy.

The Characters: Kurt and Jason are the main characters of the series, relatable guys in a crappy job. The thing that makes their multiplex employment endurable relies mostly on the amazing cast surrounding them. Neil, the manager at Multiplex, may be one of my favorite snarky characters of all time. Excellent stuff.

The Art: It’s another full color comic, with a angular flair to the stylization. The comic artwork develops nicely as your progress through the archives.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: Mondays and Thursdays.

– E.B.


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