NerdAtlas Holiday Buy-Guide: Board Games

For the next couple of weeks, every Monday and Thursday post will feature a “buy guide” falling under different themes to help with the Christmas shopping for the nerds in your life.

Today’s feature: Board Games!

Board games have experienced a real renaissance, surging back in popularity in the last couple of years. Everyone knows  games Settlers of Catan, but maybe you need something a bit more special this holiday season? Here are some cheap(er) options of what to buy for this holiday season – most are on sale on Amazon right now!

Pandemic by Z-Man Games:

Most board games pit the players against each other. In Pandemic, you must band together as a team of doctors and scientists to prevent the end of the world due to disease. It’s my favorite co-op board game, and play time ranges from 10-35 minutes.

Gloom by Atlas:

Gloom is a wonderful party game, especially in groups with storytellers. It’s simple to learn and  easy to play- the goal is to make the other players as happy as possible, while you try to be as miserable as possible. Lots of dark humor and laughter abounds with this game and it’s following expansions.

Dominion by Rio Grande Games:

Dominion is a great strategy game based around building and controlling your own empire. The jargon is very gamer centric and if you’ve played a game like Assassin’s Creed or Dragon Age, the concept is familiar. This is the perfect gift for that RPG buff in your family/friend circle.

BANG! by Da Vinci:

How better to spend an evening with friends than shooting them for bounties? Everyone wants to be a cowboy, and this game is the closest you’ll get these days. This is a fast paced, extremely energized game that hosts up to 7 players with the basic card set alone. Also, it’s the perfect game for trying out your silly southern accent!

– E.B.


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