NerdAtlas Holiday Buy-Guide: Graphic Novels

Many a nerd asks for countless books for Christmas. What’s better than some good literature? Awesome literature WITH pictures. Graphic Novels are all the rage these days, and here’s a quick guide for those looking to give the gift of comic for the holidays.

Nerd Culture Devotee – Scott Pilgrims Precious Little Boxset by Bryan Lee O’Malley:

The hit nerd-culture movie was a raging success. This boxset features all six volumes of the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, along with a limited edition box and poster set. This is a great gift for anyone who loved the movie or just loves nerd culture in general.

For those Coming of Age- Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley:

From the creator of Scott Pilgrim comes a completely different story about high school and love lost. Lost at Sea is one of the best graphic novels I have read this year. This is a great gift for anyone who loved more series graphic novels like Blankets or enjoyed Perks of Being a Wallflower this year.

For the Post Apocalypse/Zombie Fanatic- The Walking Dead: Compendium One by Robert Kirkman:

The television series has become one of the biggest nerd sensations in the last decade. The series has been hailed as one of the greatest in comics history. For people who love zombies and/or the television show, this compendium includes the first 48 issues of the Walking Dead comic.

For the Classic Comic Nerd- Batman: The Killing Joke, Deluxe Edition by Alan Moore:

The Joker is one of the best Batman villans of all time. Alan Moore is one of the best graphic novel writers of all time. Combine the two and you get one of the best Batman stories to ever emerge from Gotham. Perfect for people who loved (or hated) The Dark Knight Rises series or enjoyed The Watchmen (graphic novel, not movie.)

For the History Buff- A Bride’s Story, Vol. 1 by Kaoru Mori:

Kaoru Mori endeavored to depict the strong heritage of 19th century China in her graphic novel. The society of the Silk Road comes to life in this visual stunning and artfully constructed comic series. History lovers will enjoy the attention to detail and culture in this series.

Manga Guru- Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 1 by Magica Quartet and Hanokage:

Cute girls, magic swords and demon witches mix together in an explosion of Japanese kawaii and death. A perfect match for someone who loves manga, magic or Sailor Moon… on crack.

Happy Shopping!

– E.B.


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