Wednesday Webcomic – The Lydian Option

This week’s featured webcomic is The Lydian Option by Kevin Kneupper and Robert Rath.

What’s the Deal?: The Lydian Option is a six-part issue series that takes in a space prison in a remote part of the galaxy. Run by the Tha’Latta, a species with an alien morality system, the Eye houses hundreds of different species. Inconveniently,  many have an extreme hatred for the human race. The comic follows the story of the human residents as they make a desperate escape.

The Characters: Doyle, the ‘leader’ of the ragtag human group is wonderful and reminds me of Mal from Firefly in many ways. There are some real crazy characters in The Lydian Option, and the Tha’Latta make an excellent antagonistic presence.

The Art: A full color comic with a gritty, sci-fi B movie feel to it. It fits the nature of the story very well.

Safe for Work?: … yes and no. There isn’t much in the sexual content but the language gets pretty foul sometimes.

Frequency of Updates: This is a completed webcomic series.

– E.B.


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