Wednesday Webcomic – That Deaf Guy

This week’s featured webcomic is That Deaf Guy by Matt and Kay Daigle.

What’s the Deal?: Inspired by personal experience of being deaf in a hearing world, the Daigles decided to create a comic taking a humorous but honest approach to their lives. Through the lens of a fictional family’s life, readers will both laugh and learn about living with hearing impairment.

The Characters: Desmond and Helen are a lovely couple, but their young son Cedric steals the show. His naiveté and creativity combine together to generate some hilarious situations and let’s face it, cute kids always win.

The Art: The artwork follows the fully colored, classic “newspaper” comic style. It makes me think of the comic Zits in many ways.

Safe for Work?: Definitely, more PG than a Disney.

Frequency of Updates: Every Thursday.

– E.B.


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