NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Culinary Nerd Supplies

The nerd stereotype of the overweight bachelor living off of cold hotdogs and ramen could not be more wrong in my experience. Many of my self-acclaimed nerd friends may love ramen, but experimenting in the kitchen is like science for hungry people. If you’ve got a culinary nerd in your life, here are some holiday gift ideas for their cooking pleasure:

Got someone who loves grilling and barbecue? Make them a BBQ buccaneer: Swashbuckling BBQ Sword – Sold at ThinkGeek for  $24.99

For that breakfast Jedi: Star Wars Pancake Molds – Sold at Williams and Sonoma for $19.95 (Vehicle set also available)

A semi-sentient rice cooker for your resident Otaku: The Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker – Sold at ThinkGeek for $184.99

As featured in this Yellow Peril comic, knuckle meat tenderizers are perfect for a kitchen ninja: DCI Knuckle Pound Meat Tenderizer – Sold at Amazon for $8.96 (Sale)

Prepare a hardy victory celebration or secretly poison a mad king – for the fantasy buff: The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook – Sold at Amazon for $20.28 (Sale)

Happy shopping- may you reap the delicious benefits from your food-centric gifts!

– E.B.


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