NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Bling for Your S.N.O. (Significant Nerd Other)

Every nerd has their way of displaying their interests in stats, levels and rules. Some wear tee-shirts, some wear nerd-centric shoes both others get to wear the ultimate in nerd/glamour crossovers: nerd bling. Here’s the best in the latest geek jewels:

Chomp Earrings

If they love platformers and iconic video games:Super Mario Chomp Earrings – Sold via CouldBeeYours for $32.00

For the Hermione in your life: Steampunk Time Turner – Sold via GlazedBlackCherry for $35.99

Must dig, must hoard, must wear and hoard your goods at the same time: Minecraft Chest & Block Lockets – Sold via Snooelson for $17.00

Because only the wealthiest wear jewelry in Luthadel: Mistborn Bracelet – Sold via Field of Riddles for $8.50

Comic lovers and Lantern Corps alike need their bling: Lantern Corps Rings – Sold via Lucie39 for $10.00

Proudly display your play style, because a well made mono blue is worth toting: Mana Necklaces – Sold via AndriodSheepFTW for $48.00

– E.B.


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