Webcomic Wednesday – Critical Miss

This week’s featured webcomic is Critical Miss by Cory Rydell and Grey Carter.


What’s the Deal?: Erin Stout works as a games journalist for a soulless corporate website. She’s snarky, harsh and a generally not good person. She is also hysterical. Critical Miss is the story of her life and what it’s like to work in the games journalism industry. Each comic is (for the most part) stand alone, but it helps to start at the beginning to understand character roles.

The Characters: Stout is surrounded by a team of journalists and designers who are simultaneously ridiculous and tragic. The worst is Scary Penny, the unfortunate artist who insists on drawing the sad perversions of a die-hard Firefly fan instead of actually designing website graphics. The comic also features a dapper bear named Charles… what’s not to like?

The Art: Critical Miss has a very campy, stylized “real life” feel. It’s this sort of distinctive art style you often find in slice of life office comics with a bit of a video game shaded twist.

Safe for Work?: Definitely PG-13 (at least). The language and content can be adult sometimes, this is not a comic for the young’uns.


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