NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Soundtracks of the Nerdtastic Variety

When I am writing, drawing or cleaning the apartment, I have found it’s a thousand times more epic if I am listening to fabulous soundtrack music. The soundtracks below will make great gifts for any nerd in your life, music buff or otherwise.

Two Steps from Hell: Skyworld – $11.99

Two Steps from Hell is one of the best “epic music” music groups out there. Their music is sweeping and grandiose, I love it. Their newest album, SkyWorld has some excellent tracks.

Epic 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack – FREE!

A free video game soundtrack collection from the past 20 years of Epic Games.

Original Lawrence of Arabia – $9.99

Maurice Jarre knew a thing or two about how to make an sweeping and glorious soundtrack. He was the master long before John Williams or Howard Shore.

The Essential John Williams – $24.06

John Williams, from Star Wars to Harry Potter, the man’s been writing classic movie scores for years. This collection features of his best scores across film history.

Shadow of the Colossus – $32-45.00

Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful and wonderful Playstation 2 era game. It also boasted a fantastic adventure-worthy soundtrack that’s incredible hard to get a copy of- major nerd cred for this one.

Final Fantasy X – $24.99

FFX is one of, if not the, best Final Fantasy games in the series. It also boasts a lovely soundtrack. Hum of the Fayth and Zanarkand are two of the most beautiful songs in video game history.


One thought on “NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Soundtracks of the Nerdtastic Variety

  1. While “Hum of the Fayth” and “To Zanarkland” are certainly great musical works, I would argue that they are not quite the best pieces of music from the Final Fantasy line of video games. I would think such songs as “Liberi Fatali” (FF-VIII), “Saber’s Edge” (FF-XIII) and “Dust to Dust” (FF-XIII) might offer something a little more spectacular to the ear.

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