Wednesday Webcomic – Everblue

This week’s webcomics is Everblue by Michael Sexton.

What’s the Deal?: Everblue is a story about adventure in a world with an undetermined fate. Luna, a young shipwright has her world changed when a drifter crashes his flying boat onto her city’s dock. She is forced to leave her home, and soon embarks and a epic journey that takes to the ends of the known world.

The Characters: There are four major characters in Everblue. Luna and Ten are a good match, with this wanderlust and slight naiveté that makes me happy. They remind me of Katara and Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. My favorite character of all is Dagger, the female blade-for-hire. She’s ridiculously crazy and fits the swashbucklin’ pirate lass stereotype any seaworthy story requires.

The Art: Very pretty, this is a webcomic that makes me think of a well-drawn manga in both it’s presentation and style.

Safe for Work?: According to Sexton, he rates his comic, “Ages 13+ for Violence, Mild Language, and Suggestive Themes”

Frequency of Updates: Weekly, usually on Sundays.

– E.B.


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