NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Gamer Gear & Accessories

Gaming is serious business. For one to go into battle, it is imperative that one has the proper equipment to slay one’s foes! Below is a list of some essential goods to keep your gaming comrades happy.

The cost effective, elite mouse for your household Guild Wars 2/WoW Addict: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – Sold via Logitech for $79.99

Surround sound, comfort and a microphone… what every online gamer needs: A50 Wireless Headset – Sold via Astro Gaming for $299.99

Gotta get those keystrokes in as fast as possible, now do it in style: Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard – Sold via Razer for $99.99

Rock and roll and game away- sit in perfect gaming comfort: X Rocker II SE – Sold via Amazon for $144.99

Add a nice personal touch to your console gamer’s arsenal: Chrome Controllers Xbox (Also Available for PS3) – Sold via GamingModz, price varies.


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