NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Last Minute Nerd Gifts

Well… Christmas is in 5 days. If you haven’t gotten your gift for that special nerd in your life, you might be in trouble. Fear not, however because NerdAltas is here with some great last minute gifts and ideas to save your buns! All of these gifts are available for one day shipping at Amazon or can be found through common retailers such as Barnes & Noble or Best Buy!

For the record: Amazon’s last day for one day shipping (in time for Christmas) is Saturday the 22nd! Order now if you want to get your stuff on time.

For the Dice Roller:

The Legend of Drizzt: A D&D Board Game – $49.99

Something that is true about playing D&D is that Wizards of the Coast is always trying to make a dollar, and therefore is constantly publishing new stuff. If there’s a DM or player in your life- they can either uses the pre-made campaign scenarios or if they play like I do (no pre-made scenarios) they can still use the helpful tokens, counters and maps.

 For Amateur Youtube Filmaker:
Olloclip – $69.99
This handy little device turns your iPhone camera into a bonafide video camera lens, capable of all sorts of shots including wide angle. If there’s a vlogger in your life, this means they can always tape on the go. The above link is to the iPhone 4G &4Gs model, here’s the iPhone 5 Olloclip.
For the Comic Buff:
DC Comics: The New 52 Collection – $96.36 (Barnes & Noble Sale)
Last year, DC relaunched 52 of it’s famous franchises in an explosion of comic crazy. This collection includes all of the #1 issues for each series. That’s over 1,000 pages of action hero, comic panel goodness!
For The Forever Kid:
As far as I am concerned, you can never be too old for LEGO playsets. I actually asked for two for Christmas last year, and I love them. Anyways, if there is a nerd in your life who is either a brick-head or an AFoL (Adult Fan of LEGO) get them this awesome play set from the new Hobbit movie.
For The Sci-Fi/Gamer Nerd Combo:
EVE online is one of the most amazing gaming achievements ever. A massive, online player galaxy provides the ultimate sandbox – this is like no game you’ve ever played on your computer. The world is so real, CCP had to hire a real economist to monitor the game’s economy. It’s incredible, and very addictive. A subscription could be the perfect gift for your friend tired of WoW or totally obsessed with Firefly. Whichever!
For If You’re Royally Screwed Because You Waited Too Late:
ThinkGeek Certificate – $ However Generous Your are Feeling
ThinkGeek is a great website with a whole host of gifts. If you either have no idea what to buy and/or you don’t have time to have anything shipped – a gift certificate from ThinkGeek could be the answer you are looking for!
Good luck shopping!
– E.B.

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